Need for New Construction Electricians in Northwest AR

9April 2018

new construction electricians Bentonville ARIn today’s high speed world where information moves at the speed of light across the country, electrician jobs go unfilled for lack of qualified, talented individuals. New construction electricians are needed in many places across the country and Northwest Arkansas.  There are entire websites and head hunting personnel firms that specialize in finding qualified, educated electricians for large electrical contractors and government agencies.

In addition, there are courses and programs that will help you to create an industry approved version of an electrician’s resume that will be accepted by small firms and large ones alike. Even apprentice electricians right out of school are in high demand and command a very high starting salary due to a shortage of supply in the job market. The trend over the last decade has been that people with an inclination towards studying and working with electricity have moved into computers and other related areas rather than the more nuts and bolts, old world style of electrical contracting. This has created a shortfall in the supply and demand factors that control any marketplace in America. As a result, there is more active recruiting of individuals into this field and wages and benefit packages have increased dramatically over the years.

In the past few years, the cable industry has been the single largest employer of electricians in the country. Constantly wiring up new houses for service and repairing existing customers has kept an army of electricians busy for almost three decades. And when technology changes, as it does, which requires updating existing facilities, that same army of electricians hits the streets again, armed with the latest tools and information to do the job right

There are jobs going empty in the housing industry with new construction electricians needed for the building of houses and remodeling older ones. Even though the commercial construction industry has slowed down from its breakneck pace of the 80’s, there is still a larger demand than supply of qualified, commercial electricians. Go to school, learn your trade, prepare an electricians resume and you’ll be working as an apprentice faster than you thought possible.