Home Improvements : Bring Sunshine and Fresh Air in to Your Bentonville Home

17July 2017

home improvements Bentonville ARSummer is here in Northwest Arkansas and a great time to make some home improvements to enjoy the season.  At Davitt Electric in Bentonville we can help you stay cool by installing ceiling fans, add to your deck or backyard experience with new electrical outlets or just about anything else  that you might need our electrical services.  call us today at (479) 640-7476.

(BPT) – Improved value, curb appeal and livability are the benchmarks for any smart home improvement. But some upgrades you do for the sheer joy of it. The best home improvements deliver all those smart qualities and speak to your heart at the same time.

With home improvement season in full swing here are four home improvements that you can do for the love of sunshine and fresh air – and the love of your biggest investment:

Add or Replace a Skylight

Abundant natural light and fresh air are among the joys of warm weather, and replacing an old, energy-inefficient skylight, or adding one where none existed before, is a great way to welcome sunlight and fresh breezes into your home. Sunlight’s positive effect on mood is well-documented, and adding a fresh-air skylight, which comes with a screen, offers other health benefits as well. Opt for an energy saving solar powered fresh-air skylight and you can enjoy the benefits of passive ventilation to reduce humidity and stale air in your home along with more natural light.

Bring in House Plants

We all remember learning in science class that plants “breathe” by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is why forests are so important in maintaining the delicate balance of the earth’s atmosphere. But did you know that certain tropical houseplants can also remove and process other, more harmful, chemicals from the air inside your home?

Home Improvements to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Add Ceiling Fans

Indoors and outdoors, ceiling fans keep air moving and help keep your home comfortable in summer and winter.  Let Davitt Electric install your fans.  Call us today.

Install Whole House Fans

Whole house cooling using a whole house fan can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in most climates. Whole house fans combined with ceiling fans and other circulating fans provide acceptable summer comfort for many families, even in hot weather. In addition to whole house fans, the ducts of your central heating and cooling system can be modified to provide whole house cooling.