Reasons for Preventive Electrical Maintenance for Your Home

24May 2016

Preventive electrical maintenance is vital for a business or residence. Lack of or neglecting electrical maintenance is often directly related to failures that can cause unwanted downtime or even cause serious injury or death. The trouble is that most homeowners often overlook or bypass the regular or routine preventive maintenance procedures and techniques that can reduce these unwanted outcomes.

Justification for preventive electrical maintenance programs

electrical maintenance Bentonville ARElectrical systems and electrical equipment deterioration is normal, and failure is inevitable over time. Breakdown from deterioration is typically a slow process, but severe conditions; overloading , circuits and devices; and too much intermittent operation can all accelerate the deterioration process. Nevertheless, an effective preventive maintenance program can postpone failure. Often, it is challenging to develop and maintain a reasonable budget for maintaining electrical devices and systems. If everything is working, there is no problem. The whole idea behind a preventive maintenance program is to protect against expected breakdowns. This is executed through routinely servicing equipment, recognizing replacement intervals and scheduling outages to carry out the replacements.

Scheduled investment in preventive maintenance procedures and strategies pays dividends in the long run. However, many people don’t see it that way and choose to run their electrical system and devices to the point of failure, at which time, the cost can be extreme.


There are two main benefits from implementing effective preventive maintenance in a home: (1) the direct benefits of preventive electrical maintenance programs in the reduced expenses of repairs and reduced or eliminated downtime and (2) safety for your family and property. The first item is far easier to measure than the second, as it is hard to forecast how a breakdown in electrical equipment may cause injury or death, but it can happen. An effective preventive maintenance program provides various control responsibilities that will help keep repair and replacement expenses lower and offer safety for you and your family.