How to Upgrade Electrical Circuits

27March 2018

Electrical circuits Northwest ArkansasNowadays, our lifestyles come with impressive progressions in technology that rivals traditional electrical services.If an older property is something you intend to renovate, your local building department will ask you to upgrade your electrical circuits to 100 amps. This is to prevent a fire from starting with several electrical devices on at once. Electrical outlets in older properties didn’t have to power as many appliances when they were built.

When a room in the house is getting new wiring, and when your electrical service needs an upgrade , you need to keep future additions to the household in mind. Putting some money into quality electrical circuits updates could be more economical overall.

A 120-volt line powers most electrical circuits in houses. To power heavy electrical equipment and appliances, a 220-volt current is what the house will need. For instance, your dryer will need a 220-volt outlet to function, so you’ll need an upgrade to 220 to accommodate such an appliance.

Other Aspects to Keep in Mind to Upgrade Electrical Circuits :

1. Appliances: With so many appliances in the kitchen to use like blenders, food processors, cappuccino makers, coffee grinders, and bread machines, a contemporary kitchen warrants sufficient electrical outlets.
2. Satellite/cable TV: What room do you watch television in? Think about adding cable to a guest room, a bedroom upstairs, or maybe in the basement.
3. Computers: Which rooms will a computer be used in? An office might also act as a guest room, when necessary. Think about adding a modem line, a phone line, or more electrical outlets.
4. Ceiling fans: Extra wiring will let you regulate fans and lights from a wall switch, modify the speed of the fan, and switch the light off while keeping the fan on.
5. Central control stations: Innovative new devices let you run several different electrical circuits and lights from one place. Multi-station controls can be useful when hosting a get-together. They can create an ambient vibe in the dining room, switch on activity lighting in the kitchen, and instill tranquil lighting the sitting room, all with just one push of a button.
6. Workshop or garage: Does the freezer have to be unplugged for a power tool to run? If it doesn’t, the electrical service in your garage or workshop should be upgraded for the sake of preventing circuit overload.
7. Home entertainment centers: TVs, Blu-ray players, stereos…consider using remote speakers to enhance such devices and let audio play in every room in the house.
8. Outdoors: Adding automatic speakers, a spa, outdoor lighting for security, or a misting system for the patio will warrant extra electricity.
9.Home security system: To scare away burglars and alert the authorities, consider having an electric security system installed.
10. Niche lighting: Once upon a time, our only household lighting options were single overhead light fixtures and lamps. These days, we can employ lighting designers to integrate unique “accent lighting” or “task lighting” to stimulate a pleasant atmosphere.

surge protector Northwest Arkansas

Remember surge protection! A voltage surge (a short jump in voltage) can harm delicate electronic equipment like home entertainment centers, computers, treadmills, and other costly equipment. Surge protection strips safeguard these devices from small daily surges, and as such, enhance the longevity and functionality of your equipment.

For big surges, a house surge arrestor should be installed in the electrical panel to safeguard outlets/switches, the circuit breaker box, appliance motors, and your household’s wiring.